Hello, I’m Jenny and I’m a conversion copywriter.

I help Visionary Entrepreneurs make the world a better place (and make good money doing it).

That’s YOU, right?

You’re a smart entrepreneur who’s working to make a difference and make a profit.

In fact, you woke up this morning to do just that. So the world is a bit better when we sleep at night.

Because small steps are what makes change happen. And you, of all people, know this.

You’re a consultant, author, or expert in the health, wealth, or education space who inspires others to have an uncommonly good life. So if you help others become their healthiest, happiest, or richest selves, we have plenty to talk about.

Or if you run a high-growth, socially conscious company that uses business as a force for good, I’ll help you maximize your impact on the community and environment. I’ll write copy that speaks to your prospect’s pains and desires and moves them to say ‘Yes”.

You have big, wildly important goals. And you want to do well so you can do more good.

Now, imagine having a copywriter who thinks like you do and sees the world through the same lens.

The one who will convert better leads and generate revenue for you…

The one who won’t try to force you into some sales message that doesn’t fit your vision and brand…

The one who will finally let you cross ‘copywriting’ off your list and declare it “Done!”.

See, you’re NOT looking for a “wordsmith”. Or someone who writes cute words that make people say “aww”.

You’re smart and savvy. And know darn well that your mission + business need a conversion copywriter who:

  • Is the strategic partner you turn to when you want to make more money
  • Takes whatever research, comms, and stuff you don’t know what to do with… and uses it to position you like a pro who wins hearts and dollar$
  • Writes high-converting copy based on customer data and human psychology (because research  – not “winging it” – is what sets you apart from amateurs)
  • Understands your KPIs and ROIs while keeping your voice and big business picture in mind
  • Has been around the block working magic (10+ years and 150+ clients, anyone?)
  • Already stands for the same things you believe in (even before you’ve met)

I specialize in sales copy and emails that will convert leads and generate more revenue for you (and you won’t feel like a sleazy salesman, promise).

It’s time to help more people, earn more, and do the work you’re meant to do.

Let’s make it happen. Email me now