Hi, I’m Jenny. I write copy for online businesses, so you can tell your story, connect with your prospects, and build a profitable business.

I wish I could tell you that your product/service can sell itself. Not true.

You need copy. Or words that make you money.

You need stories. So people will like, trust, and remember you.

We both know that every word you use can make or break your business. And when done right, it can make people fall in love with you, click the ‘Buy’ button and get the cash flowing.

I craft story-based copy so you can:

  • stand out and be remembered in a mass of insincere, salesy voices out there
  • attract the right clients (and repel bad ones)
  • convert lurkers into hot leads, engaged fans, and paying customers
  • grow your list and build a tribe who don’t just love reading your emails; they click through them

Simply put, I can spot the most interesting details that make people think and feel. And turn these into persuasive connections for your business.

After all, human beings are wired to hunt for connections. Stories connect people. And people remember stories.

How about you… how would you like to tell your story?

If you have any questions or just ready to get to work, email me now. I’d love to hear about your business and how I can help.