Here’s what some of my fave folks are saying…

She’s an intelligent copywriter with heart.

“Jenny’s enthusiasm… her examples were so good that I had no question she could do the job. Working on this project was nearly effortless. She thinks on her own and makes good suggestions. She saved us a lot of time. I liked her willingness to receive feedback, adapt to systems, and take responsibility for understanding the end vision. She listens well and follows through. Plus, I think it’s cool that she works with nonprofit organizations that have a good cause. She’s an intelligent copywriter with heart.” 

– Todd S., content director, Blink Publishing LLC

She is adventurous, spunky and imaginative… a superb storyteller.

“Jenny brims with passion for life. She is adventurous, spunky and imaginative – key qualities that make her a superb storyteller. Her perspective and style of writing is entertaining yet informed.”

– Tan Jung Yee, senior manager, Edelman


She has a great personality and is extremely fun to work with.

“Jenny is a very talented copywriter. Not only that, but she has a great personality, and is extremely fun to work with. If you get the chance to work with her, do it!”

– George Katsoudas, digital entrepreneur



A professional who has made this into a career as opposed to just making cash.

“Jenny was a joy to work with. Aside from her writing, she controlled the process, which kept things moving and kept me in line.  She provided ideas on ways to make the project better. Something that is invaluable in business. I was concerned that I wasn’t going to get a premium service for the price I was paying. But she’s a professional who has made this into a career as opposed to just making cash. She takes pride in her work and has the client’s interest at heart. I have nothing but good things to say.” – Cal Smith, President, Online Jungle

She has a great process… love her upbeat attitude!

“Jenny has a great process for getting to the core of the message. She asks great questions, helped me to be clearer about what I’m selling. I also love her upbeat attitude! She’s fun to work with.”

– Stephanie Carroll, creator of Secrets to Happiness and president of Carroll Consulting Group


I’m so blessed to have Jenny in my life.

“My only hesitation was her cost. From my experience in working with freelancers, they lack experience. But Jenny has knowledge and experience. And copy is so important to get right to attract the perfect audience. She found a gap in my industry and somewhere I could focus on. Hadn’t noticed that myself, so I love the fresh pair of eyes. I’m so blessed to have Jenny in my life and working with me and standing by me when I’m finding the whole process overwhelming.”   – Renai Stupart, founder, Native Box



She carefully crafts words with sensitivity and creativity.

“Jenny’s confidence comes from her knowledge and ability to write engagingly. She has a talent for being able to transform complex information into comprehensive, crisp communications by focusing exactly on what the target audience is looking for. She carefully crafts words with sensitivity and creativity.  I recommend her with no reservations.”

– Hari Das, creative content head, Edelman

An excellent communicator and consultant – you’ll be impressed!

“I highly recommend Jenny for her professionalism, adaptability, communication nous, and client-oriented strategies. She has proven herself time and again as an excellent communicator and consultant across multiple portfolios and projects. Do drop her a line about her past experience – you’ll be impressed!”

– Ezra Low, head of communications planning, Celcom Axiata Berhad

She gives beyond what she’s asked for.

“Jenny is very creative, eloquent, self-reliant yet works well with others. She sets goals and standard for herself and is determined to meet them. She has a very positive attitude in all aspects of her life and inspires others to be the same. She pursues. She delivers. She gives beyond what she’s asked for.”

– Lea Morada, market research director, The Nielsen Company

She helped us how we tell our story, and those of the families we serve.

 “Jenny was great to work with! She provided succinct advice and practical tips to help improve our storytelling and story collecting. Thanks to Jenny, we now have a document to help guide us in improving how we tell our story, and those of the families we serve, to our supporters.”
 – Austin E., director of development & communications, The Center for Grieving Children