Why me?

“Jenny brims with passion for life. She is adventurous, spunky and imaginative – two key qualities that make her a superb storyteller. Her perspective and style of writing is entertaining yet informed.”  – Tan Jung Yee, senior manager, Edelman
“Jenny is highly competent and a joy to work with. Her confidence comes from her knowledge and ability to write engagingly. She has a talent for being able to transform complex information into comprehensive, crisp communications by focusing exactly on what the target audience is looking for. She carefully crafts words with sensitivity and creativity. Without sacrificing the integrity of her work, she adds other dimensions to her writing. I recommend her with no reservations.” – Hari Das, creative content head, Edelman
I built my career on 11 years of:
• fact-digging and asking a LOT of questions (People call it market research. I call it being genuinely curious.)
• extracting stories so I can write and tell them in the best way possible (People call this PR. I call it “strategic storytelling”, so everyone I worked with – clients and media – all looked good to others.)
I have thousands of hours under my belt, flexing my writing and storytelling skills. That’s what I got as content strategist and lead writer in two of the world’s top PR firms (Edelman + Burson-Marsteller), where I worked with some of the world’s biggest brands. Check out my Linkedin profile here.
“I highly recommend Jenny for her professionalism, adaptability, communication nous, and client-oriented strategies. She has proven herself time and again as an excellent communicator and consultant across multiple portfolios and projects. Do drop her a line about her past experience – you’ll be impressed!” – Ezra Low, former head of communications planning, Celcom Axiata Berhad
“Jenny is very creative, eloquent, self-reliant yet works well with others. She sets goals and standard for herself and is determined to meet them. She has a very positive attitude in all aspects of her life and inspires others to be the same.She pursues. She delivers. She gives beyond what she’s asked for.” – Lea Morada, former market research director, The Nielsen Company