Hi, I’ve been expecting you!

I’m Jenny and I’m a conversion copywriter. I help visionary entrepreneurs make the world a better place (and make good money doing it).

When people ask me what “conversion copywriting” is, I simply say: “It’s a love affair between DATA & COPY.” Like Romeo & Juliet, yin & yang. One is not complete without the other. 

Because you can’t persuade and convert and make money if you don’t have data-driven copy.

I know this too well since I’ve been at this “conversion” thing for nearly 12 years now:

  • First, as a research analyst who helped brands make big decisions using numbers
  • Then as a PR strategist who mastered the art and science of persuasion to get results for clients
  • And now, as a conversion copywriter who: 1) uses data for moving people to ‘yes’, and 2) designs messages accordingly

I can write high-converting sales copy and emails for you. So you get better leads, convert them into customers, and do more good while making more money.

Sound good? Email me now.

How we’ll work together

  1. Say hello. Email me brief details of what you need.
  2. Let’s chat. Are we a fit? I’ll ask you about your why, business, and the problem you need copy to solve. You talk. I listen. But if you find me interesting, then ask me anything.
  3. Prep work. Once I’ve got all the details and clear project scope, I give you a quote. When you approve, I’ll send you an invoice for 50% deposit and schedule you in for my earliest availability.
  4. Research and discovery. I hunt for intel. I uncover your ideal client’s pain points and eavesdrop on their conversations, so I can write engaging copy for you.
  5. Writing and editing. I do the work. You give me feedback. I’ll tweak the copy until you’re happy.
  6. Testing and validation. Watch your sparkling new copy connect and convert. Once you get the initial results, I can draft variants for split testing, so you can improve and optimize for more impressive results.

Ready? Tell me more about your copy needs.

How did I get here?

It all began with falling out of the sky. Literally.

Let me explain:

A few years ago, on my 31st birthday, I decided that skydiving would be the best way to turn a year older.

Copywriter for brave entrepreneurs

And boy, did it throw my happy-o-meter through the roof! I couldn’t explain it. And no, it wasn’t because I bungee-jumped the day before or that adrenaline was pulsing through me.

It stirred something much deeper. It made me so… HAPPY.

I watched my video over and over again, wondering why I couldn’t be THAT happy every day.

I envied the girl in the video (me), and promised I’ll finally do what I’d been planning for years: Quit the rat race and live a life of freedom. 

So I did. Since then, I had:

… started my own copywriting business, so I can focus my energy on things that matter (and say “no” to stuff not worth my time)

traveled a lot and moved to a remote island to be with a man I met under a tree

… worked with inspiring entrepreneurs who do very important things in this world

When I made these conscious changes, I learned a valuable lesson:

When you use your skills to help make a difference in this world, you (usually) wake up feeling happier, healthier, and richer. Because your work matters.

Isn’t that the whole point?

 Okay, your turn! I’d love to know more about you and how I can help. Email me now.